Nepal project

RETURN & Hairdressers Without Borders

The Hairdressers Without Borders educators do understand the right approach to any different culture, listening to students' dreams and creating new opportunities. The Hairdressers Without Borders Foundation believes that every small contribution can make a difference. Therefore, we believe in RETURN, which has a mission which corresponds to our mission. Hairdressers can create a change for people by buying RETURN hairdressing tools to invest in their own craft and at the same time they create a change in someone's live at the other side of the world, In Asia where a woman learns hairdressings skills with RETURN tools.

Together with RETURN, Hairdressers Without Borders can establish the hairdressing skills of their students, by using the high-quality tools. RETURN will also donate a percentage of the purchases of all RETURN Tools to give Hairdressers Without Borders more possibilities to achieve their goals and help more people in need, to improve their own lives or to follow their passion.

Together we create a change not only by giving them opportunities by learning a profession but also establishing more self-esteem. They learn how to think different; they will believe in themselves again; they can carefully hope again off a better future in where they can take care of themselves and their children.

We participate in the new project of Hairdressers Without Borders in 2024, by donating RETURN Scissors and a percentage of our income. For a duration of three weeks the educators of Hairdressers Without Borders will training 15-20 selected women who will become the new salon managers of salons located in Surkhet. These weeks will be filled with extensive salon skills like haircutting, bridal hair and styling, salon management and customer service, inventory management, knowledge of tools, hair products and make-up.