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RETURN & Hairdressers Without Borders

Background Hairdressers Without Borders projects

With every project Hairdressers Without Borders has organized in the past 10 years we think "this is the best training, filled with so much motivation, interest, education, love, inspiration, self-development, creativity, empowerment, students and team, learning moments, intensity, awareness, sisterhood and joy". It just turns out to be a fact that the project has a success formula that is welcomed with open arms wherever we land in the world.

In the projects in Nepal, Hairdressers Without Borders is collaborating with Blink Now. An organization of which Maggie Doyne is co-founder. Maggie built with all her savings an Orphan House in Nepal to create a save place for Nepal's Children. In 2012 Floortje Dessing met Maggie for her program 'Floortje naar het einde van de Wereld' in where she, among other things, talked about the mission.

BlinkNow has the mission to change the world by empowering Nepal's children by providing quality education, a safe environment, and through inspiring others. Hairdressers Without Borders has a strong collaboration on an educational level and can give quality hairdressing education. BlinkNow selects 20 women which can participate in the project to become a hairdresser, salon manager and a powerful young woman.

Hairdressers Without Borders is ANBI certified as an Institution for Public Benefit.