About Hairdressers without borders

About Hairdressers Without Borders

Hairdressers Without Borders is a foundation based on charity and educational purposes. They inspire people in Asia who live in complex circumstances by providing professional hairdressing training to establish their hairdressing skills. Most of the women are raised in a domestic violence or are married very young.

With our contribution we are creating hope for our students, because of the created opportunities, the growth of self-esteem, a clear change in their future can be made. Our goal is to give our students an opportunity to learn a profession and support them in their own energy and creativity and letting them see all the opportunities and how to achieve them by training. Through our successful training programs around Asia, we are seeing in all our students a real personal growth by using the profession of hairdressing as the universal key for creating an accessible opportunity and a real impact for making a step further for changing their lives.